Starting up in Grouse!

Dearest Izzy, 

We dropped you off ( too early) yesterday at your great house ( Grouse) on Drummond Street before heading to the airport ourselves. Amongst the squish of luggage and pinboard and lanterns and stuff in the car were some precious items of food to be transferred from our fridge in St. Kilda to your house: a carton of yummy fresh eggs, newly churned batches of pesto, and left over bolognese. I left five little cupcakes on the window sill that we’d bought from Brown’s bakery the previous afternoon. One for the each of you living there.

We hope so much you settle in well and have a great sojourn at your new house. Until you get a blender, I will leave off the pesto recipe, but remember that with the stash I’ve made you, not only can you stir it through warm pasta, but it is great for mini pizzas: smear some on halved English muffins, slice tomato over them and sprinkle with grated cheese. Place under the grill for a minute. YUM! Also, stirred through a small cupful of rice, you can add whatever raw veggies you have ( carrots, cucumber, tomato and capsicum) and have to share a lovely, fresh summer rice salad. Too easy! Jet lag taking over: it is a long way from St. Kilda to the Tundra! Good night, dear Isabel.xoxo

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