She’s here!

Your oldest buddy in the whole wide world arrived yesterday! It is so great to see Jemma and to have her here with us, such a long long way from home. It must be good to have a stop along the way when you are off on extended adventurous travels, where it is all sane and quiet for a moment, and there’s a washing machine, a computer, and a big comfy BED .

She’s exploring the vintage stores on Queen Street on a very drippy day today. What a shock it must be to strike this weather after Mexico!

If the girl was home right now, she’d be deep into some serious Lunar New Year celebrations: we all know how her momma can cook ( and party!). We thought we’d have our own celebrations tonight and head off to Lai Wah Heen ( YOUR go to Chinese extravaganza dinner out when visiting us) . We hope Jemma will love it too! Emily is here too, so add Claudia to the mix, and Dad will be in his usual mode of single male with a posse of pretty girls. (when did he ever mind that!).

I made a chocolate cake in honor of Jem’s visit, and in keeping with our trial ‘gluten free’ phase, it is made with almond flour. Quite decadent! I will post a no fail choc cake for you sometime soon, but just wanted to update you on your pal’s visit, and to say we’ll be thinking of you while in Chinatown tonight. Kong Hee Fatt Choy!! Hope you are celebrating too!

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