Lemony Snicket

I am reading through all my old recipe books right now because our supper club dinner is coming up, and this time the theme is Malaysian! ( No guesses on whose suggestion THAT was!) All those piquant sounding recipes made me crave something lemony and tangy for dinner. Watch out for some recipes from there soon! Perhaps I am also craving Malaysian food knowing Dad is with Nana and Papa right now in KL, probably enjoying some delicious home made samosas and muruku……..mmmmm.

I had some veal schnitzels, so doused them in a little rice flour and lots of lemon and barely grazed a frypan to cook them. Yummy and certainly very lemony and EASY.

To accompany, I thick sliced a couple of potatoes, half an onion, a small aubergine, and a couple of carrots.To cook these up as a great side for just about anything ( roast chicken, veal, or a juicy steak), heat a shallow saucepan with a tiny amount of cooking oil. I have started using coconut oil, reading about all its health benefits. Sautee these vegetables together on high to start with, beginning with the onions.  I also topped and tailed some French beans, and flash fried them. That was the green component of the meal!

Alice stood by hopefully-but Claudia snapped some quick pictures, and we ate the meal in a flash!

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