A food week in pictures ( no need to speak with that funny accent )

How exciting to be back at uni, Isabel! I know you’ve missed the routine of lectures and tutes, and all the activities which go with being back at school. ‘School’! ( oh, that sounds so American- haha!) .

Suddenly, I am conscious of the words I use and way I pronounce them:  remembering with alarm the friendly passenger on a Qantas flight. Her words horrified me: What part of the US are you from? she said. Argh! Have I been away that long I don’t even have a trace of Aussie left ?? Oh dear! I hope I won’t be an oddity when we move back to Australia in a few months. The way I speak is, I guess, a strange mish mash of everywhere I’ve lived. A little bit Malaysian, a little bit Brit ( how can one ever be rid of a convent education? ), a little Aussie ( mostly in the colloquialisms ) and quite a lot of American? Do your Australian friends still comment on your accent, Izz?  Goodness knows what Claudia’s new school mates in Sydney will make of the way she speaks! I mean, she is North American educated, but every now and again she’ll use expressions like: ‘a tad bit’ . Its funny. ( I have a slight suspicion she might be just teasing me though….) We Brands are a bit linguistically confused….

Well, it has been a big cooking week here at home. Our supper club is such a joy, I will be so sad to be saying goodbye to all our friends in it. Everyone is super enthusiastic, and cooks with such gusto. The children are a delight, and how lucky are we to have not one but two new babies as our latest members. On Saturday, Karin and Menco hosted our Malaysian themed dinner.  Yes, I WAS in heaven.  They cooked beef rending ( to perfection) and all the other dishes, including satay with a rich and chunky peanut sauce on bamboo skewers (cooked by the Rigbys) were delicious. The children surfed down the long flight of stairs at the apartment, encouraged, by Menco, and we ended the evening playing Apples to Apples.

I’ve not had a moment to record any of the recipes here for you, but I do have a treat up my sleeve for later. I need to run out and buy some rice flour to make it, before I write up the recipe and post it. Malaysian coconut pancakes! Or Kueh Dadar as it is known in Malay. I know it makes you just about hyperventilate, so the recipe ( SOOOOO easy!) is coming!

Meanwhile, here are some photos from shopping/cooking trips during the past week to whet your appetite. Love you, Izzy bee! Enjoy being back at uni!


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