Los Angeles Eating

We ate brunch at Gjelina this morning.  Abbot Kinney was buzzing  but we scored a table nice and early with the Sants and the Thawleys . They really do have such a nice menu there: Moroccan eggs which Michael and Michael ate, prosciutto and eggs with tomato salsa which I chose, and of course the amazing bacon and date scone- amazing!!  Coffees came with pretty swirly patterns through the creme and the bright orange and deep reds of freshly squeezed orange and blood orange juices added jewels to our table under the wall of jasmine.

Ok I have a confession to make: on our way home from brunch, Claude and I made dad drive through In-N-Out. Dad refrained( what a saint) but we both thought of you as we happily chomped on our cheeseburgers as we drove through Westwood : extra hour on a treadmill somewhere, I guess…..

We’ve been sitting around the beautiful T and T household with screen doors open to the various courtyards, eating chocolates and drinking tea. The sun is fading, but it has been yet another brilliant day, with a still blue sky.  Grace is here too and we are trying to pick the chocolates with the best fillings. Sees candies. Mmmm. Not a day for a dieter, that’s for sure.

Tonight we finished off this lovely day with home made shabu shabu with Keiko and Larry and Rachel.  They are the very SWEETEST family, and that  dog Lucky is one fortunate poodle. We sat around their big dining table and talked and laughed and ate waaay too much. Larry told BAD ( very good) jokes with an innocent face,  Keiko was in full hostess with the mostest mode, and Rachel was just beautiful.  She’s written a satirical piece for the Huffington Post, would you believe?? All of 16! So impressive.

As if we didn’t have quite enough to eat, we ended the evening sitting in the living room and eating Beard Papa’s amazing custard filled eclairs with berries and chocolate. Eating those eclairs made me think of Sawtelle and all the wonderful Japanese shops along there I love.

Tomorrow night we will be on a Qantas flight to you. It feels like we left Toronto a week ago. So much happening, time is just irrelevant it seems. Daylight savings last night has put me into even more of a jumble than ever. My watch says one thing but the car clock says another. With appointments all over town, I am so nervous we will miss something.

After this lovely brief stop here, we are SO looking forward to coming over to Grouse on Wednesday night, and having a home cooked meal ( and some beers) with YOU and the household!! Cannot wait to see you, Izzy- its so exciting! I hope it is warm in Melbourne. xoxo

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