Missing Heart Shaped Waffles In KL

Decadence has a new meaning: Isabel, you would have to agree that having all those days at the MOH in Malaysia, rocking up to breakfast each morning was the big treat of the holiday. After a busy time at uni with a hundred essays to research and write, to fall into a week of your favourite food ( breakfast) extravaganza was pretty darn amazing.

You were not alone in your enthusiasm of course. Dad, Uncle D, Claudia and I were equally mesmerized by the variety we faced each morning. The fruit counter was a favourite first stop: I mean, in my most saintly of cooking phases, I have NEVER gotten up early enough to peel, seed and slice a variety of fresh fruit for our family breakfast. So we helped ourselves with gusto to dragon fruit and melons of every hue, papaya cut in precise lozege shapes, fresh pinapple, guava, jackfruit, plums, and so on and so forth!

Once our platters of fruit were devoured,  the dilemma really hit us: Chinese congee, or bacon and eggs? Bircher meusli, house made granola, or roti chanai with chicken curry? Toast with compotes and jams, or muffins? Croissants, danishes, pancakes…… or heart shaped waffles with maple syrup??

I think we all agreed the waffles were pretty sepcial. Made to order, the cheery chef at his waffle irons took our orders each morning, and delivered them to our table with a flourish: my hearts to yours! Corny, but we loved it!

Malaysia is truly a culinary wonderland. We get sucked in every single time. Its not as if we had a ton of time for eating this trip: there was a wedding to help prepare, support, and participate in! There were new family members to meet, and endless citrusy cocktails at the bar to be had. Grandparents to visit, baby great- cousins to snuggle, and a bride to be to hovered over. ( yes, we ALL wanted to bask in her glow!) There was a harried Irish groom to be teased, and  a Hen’s Night poster to decorate.

And yet, we had time for a few satays by the infinity pool overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers, which are my most favourite skyscrapers again. Staying up close to them this trip, I enjoyed gazing at their faceted layers, intriguing at all hours of the day and night. We had a couple of beef rendang lunches at the KLCC shopping plaza, a few amazing local kueh dadars, and even an excellent ceasar salad when the spicy food got a little too much. Aunty Roshi made the legendary family fruit cake, and ALSO a stunning chococlate cake for Christopher’s birthday which happened to fall on Easter Sunday. Please can I have that recipe?? She has always had a magic way with cakes.

At the Hen’s Night, the Fernanadez girls pulled out all stops with the catering in Suite 501: mini chicken pies, gorgeous banana leaf bundles of nasi lemak, spicy fried chicken legs, and  baby red velvet cupcakes with spring flowers iced on them. The mimosas slipped down our throats easily that night as the manicure girls worked overtime painting our nails. In another room, Aunty Doreen was teaching a bunch of girls to boot scoot…..partying on at the Sky Bar afterwards, we whet our whistle some more with Caiparinhas and Mojitos as DJ Herb played an eclectic range of music for the crowd of us women who must have looked like we stepped out of a United Nations summit!

Of course the wedding meal itself was memorable. Michael and I had the honor of being part of the taste testing team earlier in the week, so we knew just how good it was going to be: in the traditional style of Chinese wedding parties, ten courses were served that evening. Little tasting plates of steamed fish, amazing dumplings, fried rice, and tender vegetables. An Irish course even sneaked into the repetoire: that of lamb stew and soda bread! Not a bad Malaysian interpretation, as declared by the Irish aunties.

Yes, we pretty much ate around the world. For the day-after-the-wedding ceremony, the bride’s parents had a catered Indian meal under a beautiful tent at home. Hot thosas were magically conjured up before our eyes on a large iron griddle, and from the buffet table, we helped oursleves to sambar, potato curry, chutnies and vegetables. The lamb chops were marinated in Indian spices and grilled. Tandoori chicken was tangy and memorable. Yes, we were in heaven, Izzy!

I dont know about you, but its been pretty plain food here since our trip. Huddled around the table with flu, it was Minestrone soup for us tonight. I so get what you mean when you say you miss Malaysia: we do too. And we miss YOU! That was a very special week to rendezvous in KL.

10 thoughts on “Missing Heart Shaped Waffles In KL

  1. O my goodness aunty T and Izzy!!… Dave and I have just shared Italian muscles, a Florentine beef steak for 2, and then separate deserts ( tiramisu for me and milleflonge for him, what????marriage is about sharing…NOOOO!!!) and I still feel like some of those heart shaped waffles and THEN a bit of kuih dadar on the side for post desert-desert:) MISS YOU BRANDS LOADSSSS!!!!

    • HAAAAi, Mrs. Long! Glad it is such an eat fest! Just walk all over the place during the day so you dont feel guilty.
      We miss you terribly too! PLEASE come and live in Sydney. (uh oh! the coaxing has begun!) SO many nice photos and comments from the extended Long family on FB.
      xxx tina

    • Hellooo, Mrs. T! How is married life? Cannot wait to hear about it in person!! Ross sent some photos ( what a dear). You both looked stunning. Your dress is divine. Your hat was AWESOME. Daniel looked pretty hot! Your mum and dad looked amazing, all colour coordinated and chic.

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