Mother’s Day today…And A Few Memories

Thank you so much for the lovely message and photos you sent  for Mother’s Day.  I miss celebrating with BOTH my girls.

You would have been proud of your Little C though- she pulled out all stops for breakfast this morning.  It began late last night when I was unceremoniuosly banished upstairs so she could have the kitchen to herself.  Soon, there was quite a lot of banging and clatter but that was overtaken by some very fine chocolately smells.  Well, of course it would have to be chocolate- it is your sister after all.  I knew whatever was coming today would be good!

It is a gorgeous sunny day today. Claudia set the table with our favourite old Cath Kidston tablecloth (she is worried it is fading and will be too ragged by the time I ‘hand it down’ to her!!) As you can see, the table was like eye candy. C went to quite a lot of trouble to make it all so lovely.  For our family, the table setting is always as important as what we are eating off it: no need for formal sliver and fine china, but a welcome space which shows you’ve thought of the canvas upon which  to lay what you’ve prepared.

As we get ready to move back to Australia, Dad has been undertaking the gargantuan task  of scanning all our old family photos to save on the computer. We’ve had some great trips down memory lane, looking at lovely old images of the Brands and the Gomeses. As you can see, pouring cups of tea and baking cakes started a while back in our family!

I am a very lucky mumma to have you both ! I love my girls so much, and feel so proud of you both bustling about your lives on opposite ends of the globe, enthusiastic and positive and trying your best. And then there’s Alice and Paisley of course, my two adoring other ‘daughters’- they’ve been sitting in the sun this morning, casting furtive glances at the chocolate cupcakes……..Mmmmwah!

And last but not least, to all the truly wonderful mothers I know out there, the ones who have influenced me in the way I parent, and the ones who have shared their amazing motherly love with my own girls, a huge hug, and THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day today…And A Few Memories

  1. What a lovely morning and I am so very happy to see you have never stopped loving “Vegemite.”

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