Quick Noodles: Always A Good Option

Friends over to dinner tonight, Izzy.  One guest didn’t eat meat or molluscs, so I made rice paper rolls with prawns to start. As you know, it IS rice paper roll season at the Brands! The rolls were also bursting with fresh mint and a mixture of crushed peanuts with oyster and sweet chilli sauce. Also lots of snow pea sprouts.

I bought beautiful grouper fish at the Asian market and decided the best way to cook it was Chinese style: so I arranged  the fish steaks  in a steamer, and dressed the pieces with tons of ginger slivers, chopped garlic, pickled turnip and white pepper.  The pieces were laid on layers of dried shitake mushrooms which I had soaked in water before hand.  Nice flavour! I steamed them on a low flame for about twenty minutes and served them with…. noodles!

The noodles worked well: I had bought baby bok choy, so steamed them quickly in salted water. I put them aside and then boiled a small bundle of flat rice noodles.  When they were soft, I drained them and tossed them with the bok choy, sesame oil, sesame seeds and chili flakes.  Good, and very simple. I know you’d like it.  The leftovers will make an ideal school lunch for your sister tomorrow.

Don’t you make a similar version of this with soba noodles? Do you toss them in Mirin? Mmmm!

I hope your cold is getting better. We ended the meal with mint tea: duralex glasses filled with fresh mint leaves over which I poured hot water. A cup of that would really soothe your throat. I am thinking of you, and hoping you are improving, dear girl. xoxo

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