T-minus 60

The sight of cardboard boxes and the sound of packing tape unraveling off the roll still make my skin crawl.  The process of moving house is no fun, even locally, but moving to another city, state, country, or continent brings on different levels of preparations and stress.  I will never forget the generosity of our friends in LA when we moved to Toronto.  Every little thing was a HUGE help, from inviting the boys over for a playdate, to packing up some boxes, to taking foodstuffs from the fridge and pantry, to vacuuming, to just being there for moral support, to feeding us.

I’ve been thinking about the moving process lately because our very dear friends here in Toronto are leaving tomorrow and moving house to Sydney, Australia–no small endeavor, indeed!   They have been in North America for the past 12 years with stints in Richmond, Los…

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  1. Thank you dear friends for standing by us through everything in Toronto: happy times, anxious moments, birthdays, family reunions, disappointments and homesickness. All our deliberations, celebrations, and plans were centred around food. From this post, you can see that our family always ate amazingly well at your table. Not counting of course the numerous care packages that showed up at our door, of scones, brownies and large shopping bags of groceries when we arrived back from our long Australian flights.
    You all are the best, and we will miss you dearly. xoxoxo

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