Catch Up News (in pictures) While Planning Tonight’s Dinner

I promised I would keep you in the loop with all good things going on here, so that when you were back in town, you could feel just like a local again.  I have to say I am loving getting about and exploring. As always, moving into new digs forces you to places you might not usually venture: that particular light fixture can only be found six suburbs away for instance…… so off I go! I must say having a fun (almost) new car to drive is part of the pleasure. And of course dropping off and picking up the footy fans from Centennial Park: what a revelation! A whole natural wonderland of lakes and birdlife, tall trees and rolling grass in the heart of this bustling city.

So tooling around town, I have seen some good stuff. Before we left North America, JGB told me to go find the Bourke Street Bakery. For an avid baker all the way over in Toronto to own the BSB cookbook, there had to be some special element. So on Saturday morning, when Miss Ruby clattering upstairs woke me early, I decided to jump out of bed and go on a hunting trip to find the bakery in question. NOT disappointed, Izzy! Cannot WAIT to take you there. And especially you too, Mrs. JGB!!

Pocket sized, but filled to the rafters with deliciousness: Bourke Street Bakery.


Chocolate and Raspberry muffins……mmmmmm.

Meanwhile, I have been trying out different routes dropping your sister off to her rock top, inner city school with a breath-taking view of the harbour from the front gate. The other early morning, she snapped this picture for me as we drove along one of the winding streets: a garage opened bright and early for business, with a very cute first customer…

Little Ruby has been a regular visitor from her upstairs home.  She is such a little cutie. She makes us happy as we miss our own pooches around the house. With kohl rimmed eyes, and diminutive size, she is a far cry from our large and boisterous two.

Little Miss Ruby from upstairs….

Izzy, you know me and flowers: I am likely to come home from the markets with more flowers than veggies on occasion. I love flowers. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a beautiful gem of a flower shop called Mr. Cook in our neighbourhood.

Elegant pitcher plant

Beautiful colour palate

Just look at the size of these babies!

On Sunday night, Dad and I took Uncle D out to dinner as a late birthday celebration. I thought hard about where we should go, and then remembered Miss Salsa Queen had mentioned The Red Lantern. It was such fantastic Vietnamese food. Our waiter was great, low-key, but informative and friendly, and we had an enjoyable evening on their front terrace under their pretty red lanterns. We wandered in later, and I immediately fell in love with their colourful, colander lights hanging over their prep counter. Sooooo cute and fun! Thank you my friend for such a good recommendation. I’d like to go back with you someday….


Well, MasterChef was an exciting climax and I am sure you enjoyed watching it with the Grouse House. I am glad Andy won! We watched it too, eating fish molee for dinner.  Funny- I just suddenly had a longing for this good old-fashioned South Indian curry. I will have that recipe up for you and your mates soon.  Meanwhile, much love from Sydney! xoxo



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