Today’s the Day!







Dearest Izzy! I woke up this morning feeling very happy: it is your twenty-first birthday! What a lot of adventures and fun we’ve shared over that time! Its been a busy day here in Sydney ( lucky, or I’d feel sad not to be celebrating with you), but I’ve still managed a few moments looking through family photo albums. You were a beautiful child inside and out, and today you are a wonderful adult in the same way. Dad and I are SO PROUD of you.

If you were home, we’d have french toast to start your day, and afternoon tea would be cake and cups of tea. Despite the fact I could not do those things for you, I think you’ve had a very enjoyable day- I hear Grouse has cooked you a wonderful Mexican feast tonight; ole!

Lots of love and kisses from Sydney from your pups, Little C, Dad and me!


1 thought on “Today’s the Day!

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