Boxing Day and All We Ate Yesterday….

What a glorious bright day it is  for the Boxing Day Cricket!IMG_4015

Little C set off early with Toronto bestie H, Aunty F and the family men. A bag of vegemite sandwiches and carrots  will sustain them until lunchtime when they’ll have the traditional meat pies and sausage rolls.

I am having a quiet morning at home before I met up with you and friends in Chapel Street for yum cha.  Yum yum! I think some dumplings and tea will be the perfect antidote to the lunch of ham and trout and turkey, not to mention the supper of spinach tart and panatone with summer fruit…


Picking up bits of Christmas wrapping and ribbon, I am re-reading all the lovely messages on our gift tags. I feel so lucky to have you all as my fam: the messages really mean as much as the thoughtful gifts you all picked out for each other and for me.


It has been such a lovely catch up with you here.  So nice that you came for a ‘sleep over’ on Christmas eve, so that we were all together to find Santa’s stockings in the morning.  All of course new traditions for H who is of Jewish faith, and visiting from Toronto.

Lunch was such an amazing feast…as usual.  Eating with a family of chefs and mad food enthusiasts ensures we eat very well. From home reared (backyard pond) trout baked to exquisite tenderness, to a gigantic organic ham, excellent chilled potato salad and lobster on cucumber rounds, we nibbled and drank for what seemed like hours. A walk on the beach, checking messages from around the world, and an hour later, the long table was refilled with delectable desserts.  Could we fit another thing in? No, but we were certainly going to try!

IMG_3958 IMG_3955

We ended Christmas day at the C family’s home.  Red stars twinkled on the tree.  Girls gathered around the table with dozens of bottles of nail polish. Lentil and spinach salad, and an excellent spinach and raisin tart. Red wine, and cool water.

I’m glad we drove you home to Carlton so we could chat in the car : a few private moments with you after a busy, happy day. We’ll miss you when you head off to Falls  tomorrow, but look forward to seeing you in Sydney before long. Lovely Christmas, dear Izzy.

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