A Visit Home: So Glad To Have You!

It is super nice to have you and your BF in Sydney!  I laughed when you sent me your list last week of all the food you missed and hoped to eat when you got home.

I think we’ve done pretty well, don’t you? Laksa, pesto, curry puffs and lamb tagine.  Orange drizzle cake. I think it is novel how you and J cut yourselves tiny little slithers so you won’t feel guilty eating too much- very smart! Haha!  Despite the extremely thin slices, that cake is almost gone, so today while you’ve both been lunching with dad in the city, I’ve whipped up a super easy chocolate buttermilk cake. We had some scary pink butter icing left over and I spread it on- ah well, who cares if it looks garish; it’s the taste that counts right??



I still need to make some rice paper rolls for you two (not to mention Little C who is rather obsessed with them). What else? Between surfing and gallery browsing, tennis and Tropfest, don’t let’s forget anything on that food list. And remember all the recipes for these are on this blog. Just type in the name of the food into the search box close to the top of the page.


IMG_4737 IMG_4742

Last family gathering before you depart : Hainan meatballs with squid ink pasta tossed in sesame dressing, spinach leaves and bean sprouts. It has been so nice to have a full quorum for dinner.

As we drive to the airport, everyone squished in to say goodbye, luggage and a surf board, the weather is wet and overcast: the sun held out for you guys , now we are all shedding a little tear as you leave, even the skies! Sigh!


4 thoughts on “A Visit Home: So Glad To Have You!

  1. Thank you mum, we had such a great visit, and everything was so delicious. Please put up the pot roast recipe! And for the pumpkin and pea risotto… just add pumpkin to the garden pea risotto right… XOXO

    • izzy darling- yes, the pumpkin risotto is basically the same deal as the garden one. Bake some pumpkin pieces until tender and mash it into the risotto just before you turn the heat off to serve. Pot Roast recipe going up now!
      All set for first day of classes?
      xoxo mum

  2. Hi darling! I had a bad computer day yesterday (just ask Meagan!). Try as I might, I could not get the words up properly for the pot roast recipe. I will do it soon, promise.
    The house is so QUIET without you!
    We all miss you…xx mum

  3. I thought you (orI! Had missed a week ,but scrolling back through my in box I found your last posting! those meat balls sound fantastic-so does your visit! speak soon, all the best, Awendy

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