Venezia: some food memories

You and your sister were very gracious about sending me off to Venice a couple of weeks ago, while you both toiled over essays and assessments. I know how beloved that city is to you.  We have shared some wonderful times there over the years.  Remember one visit, it was Halloween? Instead of tiresome disney costumes, everyone wore a venetian mask. We handed out oranges and pennies to the neighbourhood kids who ran up the many flights of stairs to our apartment. Another time you and your sister cooked us dinner. You both set off to the local grocer with no Italian and big smiles, and bought squid ink pasta and fresh tomatoes and we had such a happy feast, looking out our balcony to the local  passagiata below. Strolling through San Marco, I remember that when you were very little the pigeons really frightened you; I wonder if that has changed……

Well, as you know it was a lightening quick trip- long journeys there and back, but just five precious days in Venice for the Biennale. It was fun and exciting reporting for Vogue Living Australia, and having a press pass got me to some great places. It was also wonderful looking at all that art with dad, who always has an interesting perspective.

Because there was so much exciting art at the Biennale to absorb, food took a rather low priority. Still, every moment eating was a pleasure, always rustic and tasty.  I did stop at the Penguin Gelato shop right near the Metropole Hotel and have a serve of hazelnut flavoured heaven in a crispy cone in honour of you girls. I missed you both very much while I was there. Still, our next journey in a few days is one we take together as a family, and I cannot tell you how much dad and I are looking forward to being together with you!

DSCN2949 Refreshments for the hoards of tourists…DSCN2972The Metropole Hotel has a beachy California-ish makeover.DSCN2974 How touristy can you get?? Gelato from a gondola…DSCN2970 DSCN2952 DSCN2980 DSCN2988 DSCN2986 DSCN2981No cars here so everyone has a pull along cart!





2 thoughts on “Venezia: some food memories

  1. The “rug” galleries look cool, but I think I would feel a bit claustrophobic after a while. Did you feel that you were being rolled up into a rug? or that the room was collapsing? Anyway– Io amo l’Italia. Un bacio, J xo

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