Two Sisters In Melbourne And Baking Nana’s Christmas Cakes

I put Little C on a plane to you this morning, and came home to cook up Nana’s Christmas cakes. The diced fruit’s been marinading in lots of brandy, and the house smells very Christmassy! Now we just need the added layer of a fresh pine tree in the house, and we’ll really be ready to celebrate.

So glad you girls have some time together today in Melbourne. I think you’ll put C in a good frame of mind for her college interview tomorrow. After all, you’ve been there and done that. I clearly remember the three of us dropping you off at college on a cold wet night. I felt so sad that evening, but you settled quickly and had such a great time at Ormond.

Enjoy the granola and curry puffs I sent through our special courier today. And I hope you share with the H family.

It is so exciting to think of all of us being together in Sydney for Christmas. It is only a few weeks away!

IMG_3962 IMG_3967 IMG_3970

Also just before I dash off to get these babies out of their tins and onto some wire racks to cool, I should share with you that I’ve been making lots of salsa for snack time. So easy: just throw into the blender  a punnet of cherry toms with what ever’s close at hand: mint, green apple, cucumber, bell peppers, cilantro. I had some chopped water melon the other day and added that too. Pineapple is a nice addition.  The kick you get from a pickled green chili added to the mix is quite fab. Squeeze in some lime, and you are good for a FRESH snack.

Good luck with the interview tomorrow- I know you’ll have Little C well primed. Thank you for having her to stay and lookking after her, dear Izzy. xx

Fresh herbs from the garden: great in a salsa

Fresh herbs from the garden: great in a salsa

IMG_3559 IMG_3561 IMG_3564

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