My Biggest Challenge

Pretty special being all together at an airport again. We’ve certainly done the airports of the world together, us four.  It was all just a fleeting enjoyment this time, because Dad and I were flying you dearest Izzy, back to university and you were taking your little sister C Biscuit along with you.

An elegant meal at the airport

An elegant meal at the airport

We checked in early, not wanting to stress over Friday evening traffic, and found we had time for a celebratory glass of champagne in the airport lounge together. A long way from two little girls in scungy foreign airports, with delayed flights, a lost teddy bear, or a sore tummy. You gals have come a long way. Lovely young ladies, kind and sweet, and just a smidge of my little chickadees still remaining in you both.

What a great welcome at her college on Saturday morning. As we sat with you and other families and heard the words of the College Master, we knew Little C was starting an exciting new chapter. She’s in for an exciting journey, like you’ve had.


Little C’s very own Hogwarts college

College digs

College room view




I’m so excited for you TOO! While C is being introduced to tertiary education, you will be continuing the journey, with your Masters programme. I hope you love it. I’ll be so pleased thinking of you both meeting on campus for a coffee, riding to each other’s places, maybe studying together.

I have some lovely memories to savour of our time in Sydney before you both left. An amazing lunch at Bread and Circus was certainly the highlight, as well as our fabulous lunch at the family favourite, Sailors Thai, overlooking the harbour and the amazing Opera House beyond.


Haloumi fritters


Yesterday saying goodbye to you, and leaving Melbourne was my biggest challenge. Dad and I were coming home to two empty rooms, no music blasting from yours Izzy, no tsunami of books and clothes spilling out of Little C’s. I thought I’d be a disaster. You thought so too, and I know Little C was worried. But I hardly shed a tear. My sadness is completely eclpised by the excitement you both feel at being in Melbourne together and ensconced at university. In the same city again (not since Brentwood School in Los Angeles), on the same campus! Hurray, my darling girls.  I will survive!


Yummy coldpressed juices: Bread and Circus


Table decoration at Bread and Circus


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