My daughter Isabel is in her first share house in Melbourne. When we talked about how I could send her some favourite family recipes to cook in her own kitchen, Izzy’s idea was to set it in this format. This way, the recipes are easily shared too ! So if you come across a recipe that appeals, please try it out. These are tried and true, mostly from my mother’s kitchen and mine. It is how our family eats: mostly everything, mostly healthy, and always straightforward to prepare.


All text written by Tina Gomes Brand and photos taken by Tina or Claudia Brand, unless otherwise stated.

3 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Alden! Happy New Year! So nice to find you here. Please follow on e-mail and you might find some old favourites. APart from mountain climbing and globe trotting, what are you up to?
      xoxo tina

  1. Tina ,
    I came here looking for the delicious eggplant curry recipe which I found ……..but cant find the recipe of your wonderful dip ……….I remember you saying it was cashews, ginger , tamarind , raisins and ……….green chilli ?
    Please share …….I know its simple but I need the recipe so I don’t deviate from its beauty …….and thank you so much for sharing your hospitality and kindness to all on Tuesday night :))
    Rod .

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