Gluten Free

Gluten Free Guest for the Week-End

  • hearty gluten free breakfast
  • chocolate cake with almond meal

Food Re-Cap, and a Garden Pea Risotto

She’s Here!

The Promised Coconut Pancakes (Kueh Dadar)

  • pancake
  • coconut filling

Thai-Style Sour Fish

Five Minute Chicken

Stuffed Eggs: Good Anytime!

  • devilled eggs

Food Back Up: Go-To Items In The Fridge

  • pesto
  • smoked trout / sun dried tomato dip
  • preserved green chilli
  • quick fried rice

Quick Noodles: Always A Good Option

  • glass noodles / rice noodles

An Exciting New Phase For Our Family !!

  • vegetarian Pad Thai – use glass or rice noodles 
  •  minestrone soup

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