Asia Pacific Triennial, Semolina and Christmas is coming!!!

Hey Izzy- the Asia Pacific Triennial opening in Brisbane this week-end was amazing. Fun as always, with ground breaking  art from around our region.  The icing on the cake is always meeting the artists. It was fabulous to see old friends too. Brisbane throws a good party.



Syrian DJ has everyone dancing.

Syrian DJ has everyone dancing.

In Brisbane, I interviewd Vernon Ah Kee for a new series I am writing called Eating with Artists: he was lovely to talk with and wow, his exhibition  at the State Library is gob smacking, thought provoking, and very moving. Gotta make a trip up, Izzy. Also for A Magazine, I am writing recipes for humble ingredients: first off the rank is semolina. Check it out, and make some upma!

Meanwhile, Christmas is around the corner and the house is ready.  I cannot wait!